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The Carlos Museum Bookshop stocks hundreds of books on ART, ARCHAEOLOGY, HISTORY, and MYTHOLOGY for both adults and children, with an emphasis on the ANCIENT CULTURES of EGYPT, GREECE, ROME, the NEAR EAST, the AMERICAS, ASIA, and AFRICA. In addition, we feature a wide range of jewelry, replica ancient statuary, cards, world music on CDs, educational kits and gifts for children, history DVDs, and more. This site is a very small representation of the large selection that you will find in our store, so PLEASE VISIT US! We are located on the campus of Emory University in Atlanta, with free parking available on Saturdays and Sundays. Through January 30, 2015, please note that the Museum Bookshop is open Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday 11am to 5pm, and Sunday 1pm to 5 pm. To place a telephone order directly with the Bookshop, contact us at 404-727-0509 during normal business hours.

Your purchases support the Michael C. Carlos Museum, thank you for your purchase!

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